2017/2018 Glanmire Walang RFS Captains Report

A brief report this year. Last year I was able to report that our Brigade had commenced the re-building phase. In late 2016 we were left with one deputy captain yet to gain their Crew Leader qualification. The growth spurt we experienced after that near tragic event has been consolidated. Many of our new members have built on their RFS qualifications and we also now have two additional Medium Ridged drivers for our Cat 1 tanker.

On 121 occasions in the last 12 months members attended the Fire Shed for Call Outs or assist at hazard reductions, or, to perform maintenance on the shed or fire equipment.  Members attended General Meetings, participated in training or perform a host of other related duties.  In total, those 121 occasions when members attended, saw 428 members present at the shed and performing voluntary work over the course of the year.

On 12 occasions in the last year, the Brigade was called out to either wild fires, MVA or hazard reductions.  This was slightly down on the previous years call outs, however training events almost doubled.  Because of the population demographic at Glanmire, there have been a few occasions when we have not been able field a crew to call outs.  As Brigade numbers continue to gradually build, we hope those occasions will become less.

Our General Meetings — now held on Saturday morning prior to training — are well attended and thanks to our diverse training program led by Rodney Watters, our skills have consolidated in the last 12 months.

Our 2 deputies that you elected last year, despite having done their best, have not been able as yet to have their Crew Leader qualifications signed off.  There simply were not enough fires this year.  Until our deputies are signed off it means that only Rodney and myself can respond to call outs.  Hopefully this will be resolved before the next fire season.

We continue to look for new ways of interacting with the community, having in the last year assisted residents with hazard reductions on their land or given advice on creating an Asset Protection Zone around their homes or equipment.  Our facility here at the fire shed is also used by local community groups, thereby raising the profile of the Brigade and serving the community.

It is heartening for our Brigade that businesses, large and small, support our activities.  For instance, Bunnings recently donated 6 tables to our Brigade.  A local resident, in conjunction with Mick Thurkettle Electrical, purchased our soon to be installed LED shed lighting.  The electrical suppler in Sydney supplied the hardware at half price, the local resident paid the other half and Mick is installing the lights for free.  Bathurst Gardening Society also donated $3000 towards a new electric hose rewinder for our next Cat 1.  Rural Bins removes our rubbish for us free of charge and Beaumont Tiles are suppling tiles for our toilet/wash area.  Bathurst RSL print our newsletters for free and our great “postie” Andrew delivers them.  This strong community support that we experience, greatly encourages all of those members present, who so unselfishly give of their time.  It is like one huge team.

Financially we are in a healthy position, but I will leave our Treasurer to speak about that.

Personally, from me, I would like to thank all of the members for their support and commitment during the last 12 months, thank you.

Brian Bailey Captain, Glanmire Walang Brigade
27th May 2018