Now is the time to get ready. We’re inviting you to meet local firefighters from your brigade who will be providing information to help you prepare for the fire season.

Did you know that where you live is critical in determining your level of bush fire risk?

Research has found that around 90% of homes destroyed by bush fire are due to burning embers. Embers have the ability to travel many kilometres from the fire. This means that even if you live well away from the bush you can still be at risk. Over Get Ready Weekend local firefighters will be able to discuss your personal risks and how you can best protect you and your home from fire.

Getting ready for the bush fire season is easier than you think. Little things you do now can make a big difference during a bush fire. One of the most important things you can do is everyone in your home having a conversation about exactly what they’ll do in a bush fire. It should take just 20 minutes.